WayWard Women

How and why have Lichfield women been hidden from history?

What can we find out about them and ensure that their experiences are publicised and represented in our city today? 

 Ann Hughes, a member of the Wayward Women group and a retired professor of history, will discuss how women have been hidden from history, how we can uncover rich material on the experiences of women in Lichfield’s past, and how we can ensure women’s achievements are given proper public recognition.

Rosie’s Plaques, the original inspiration for the Wayward Women Group, will also be taking part in this talk. Well known for their 2019 guerrilla art project, Rosie’s Plaques are loved country wide for erecting alternative blue heritage plaques on significant buildings in cities across the UK that recognise forgotten women throughout history. 

Thursday 5th May | Doors open at 6.45pm | Start Time: 7.30pm | £10


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