The Candlelight Club Presents… Ain’t Misbehavin with 52 Skidoo

They bring back to life the forgotten era of Prohibition, Speakeasy’s, Vaudeville, Tin Pan Alley, Rent Parties, Stride Piano and Hot Jazz!

An unlikely collection of drunks, gamblers, misfits and outlaws performing Harlem Swing, a music born out of the 1920’s stride piano style made famous by James P. Johnson and Fats Waller. 

“Certainly created a great party atmosphere, and brought that era to life for ‘Jazz buffs’ and  ‘first- timers’ alike. Great music and social history lesson combined!” –  Wendy Cope

52 Skidoo are a 3 piece Harlem Swing band that perform their hit show ‘The Joint is Jumpin’ in theartes across the UK. The show is set in 1920’s Harlem and consists of live performances of authentic music from the era, carefully woven into a story that encompasses engaging characters, comedy, dance and poetry.

“Their show … incorporates stories, comedy and several other unusual features all brought together with superb showmanship and musicianship. Utterly professional and hugely enjoyable, the show was a sell out” – David Agnew, Bury Met


Classic favourites like ‘Ain’t Misbehavin‘, ‘The Joint is Jumpin’ and ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’ are carefully woven into well known hits like ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’, ‘Darktown Strutters Ball’ and ‘St Louis Blues’ to create an authentic 1920/30’s Harlem party atmosphere.

“Here’s a band that really do swing like they did in the good ol’ days – with attention to detail and authenticity, 52 Skidoo put on a storming performance that gets the joint well and truly jumping.” – Bobbi Charleston, The Swung Eight

The band’s pianist, Henry ‘J.J.’ Botham, (A.K.A. ‘Double J’) is known for his stunning segue skills, tickling and hollering. Howard ‘Dancing Bear’ Jacobs is Skidoo’s percussionist, clarinetist and chief noise expert. Tommy Valentine joined the band as vocalist and guitarist primarily to help clear his gambling debts. 

“They have mastered the essential ingredients of the music.” – Jim Hession, World renowned stride pianist, USA

Saturday 14th May | Doors open at 7.15pm | Start Time: 8pm | £18


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