The Attenboroughs

An evening with Michael Attenborough

What was it that produced two brothers with genuine ‘national treasure’ status?

What did they have in common? What did they share? Were they similar? Temperamentally? Emotionally? Intellectually  Politically?

Was there any rivalry? 

How did their younger brother, John, feel about it?

Now Michael Attenborough, Richard’s son and David’s nephew reveals all. For the first time…

Lord Richard Attenborough, actor in well over 100 films, including BRIGHTON ROCK, 10 RILLINGTON PLACE, THE GREAT ESCAPE, JURASSIC PARK, MIRACLE ON 34th STREET and ELIZABETH.  Director of over 20 films, including GANDHI (winner of 8 Oscars), CRY FREEDOM, A BRIDGE TOO FAR, MAGIC, CHAPLIN and SHADOWLANDS. And his multi award winning younger brother David, now 95. Naturalist and broadcaster of countless celebrated programmes about the natural world. 

Book your tickets to join Michael at The Hub as he draws on family anecdotes, including his own illustrious directing career, to give an insight into one of the most iconic British families.


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7:30 pm



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