Rubik’s Cube Challenge

Will you take on The Hub Rubik’s Cube Challenge!?

Join us on the launch day of our I Grew Up 80’s exhibition and take on the challenge with your friends and family.

Bring us your Rubik’s cube (we’ll have a few spare too if you don’t have one), we’ll scramble it for you and start the clock!

With prizes for the fastest unscrambler in each age group (Under 10’s / 10 – 14 / Over 14) and a retro sweet treat for everyone who successfully unscrambles.

No booking required. Just pop along on the day! and why not grab a drink and treat in our coffee shop and visit the ‘I Grew Up 80s’ exhibition while you’re here!

The event is finished.


08 04


Drop in any time
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Hub
St Mary's