Outsiders is a documentary photography project by award winning photographer Marc Davenant. In partnership with Shelter, he captured a snapshot of homelessness in modern Britain over a six year period, with powerful personal testimony from participants. 

Loise, London
Sam with his cat Buffy

Marc Davenant, a renowned documentary photographer with a passion for shedding light on social inequality, has dedicated six years of his life immersing himself in the lives of marginalised communities.

Through his lens, he has captured the essence of their daily struggles and aims to draw attention to the often-overlooked stories that lie beneath the surface.

The collection of stark black and white photographs, accompanied by poignant personal testimonies, invites viewers to experience the raw reality of life in slums and on the streets. Through this immersive visual journey, Davenant aims to challenge societal perceptions and ignite conversations about the urgent need for change.

Each photograph serves as a window into the subjects’ lives, offering a glimpse of their resilience, strength, and determination amidst unimaginable circumstances. Davenant’s ability to capture the emotions and nuances of his subjects in a candid and respectful manner has earned him critical acclaim both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Fatima, London

The Outsiders exhibition, now on an extensive tour, allows audiences across the nation and beyond to engage with these powerful images and narratives. The tour promises to be an immersive experience,
shedding light on the realities faced by the most vulnerable members of
society while fostering empathy, understanding, and social awareness.

Free Exhibition

23rd March – 22nd June

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