Feed: Work In Progress

‘Come witness, live on stage, the longest lip sync extravaganza you’ve ever seen!

Take in the chaos as we explore the magic of the video feed, in this era of information, misinformation, cancel culture and memes, examining all of the effects that has on us.

‘FEED’ is both an examination of the world of the online video feed and an homage to lip syncing as an art form. Watch as we delve into our experiences of the video feed and examine the range of content we take in on social media; from memes to conspiracy theories, celebrity culture to cancel culture, and what all of this contradictory information is doing to our minds. 

As the videos we see on social media feed us masses of diverse and isolated content from many different sources, FEED explores what could happen when all of that information is then spewed out by one individual! 

Let insanity ensue!!!!

Watch us…….PLEASE!!!!!!!

The Hub is proud to present ‘FEED: Work In Progress’ as part of our Artist Development Programme 2021. Awarded our ‘New Moves’ micro-commission to help Staffordshire artists develop new work, this unique performance piece will push the boundaries of live entertainment and break into a new era of public consumption. We hope you enjoy the show. 

Thank you for your ongoing support for our local creatives!

The event is finished.


02 12


8:30 pm



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