Community Acting Workshop

Please Note – Online booking for the February workshop closes at 10am on Thursday 9th February. If you would like to book onto the workshop after this time please contact to check availability.

Welcome to our Community Acting Workshop – a safe space for anyone to come to explore a text, take risks and hone their skills in an environment build around community and love for the art form. This is specifically targeted for those at ANY experience level. This is a series of independent and self-contained workshops in which we will all learn the same text, provided to you a week prior to the workshop and explore the text in the session. Throughout the workshop we will all contribute towards each other’s work, and anyone that is comfortable will get into the space to work on their understanding and delivery of the text.
We will aim to focus on connection between the actor and the text, bravery and honesty in storytelling, safe technique of speech and movement and, most importantly, respect and compassion for other actor(s) in the space. This session will contain a short warm up, and then we will focus on a pre-determined duologue (a scene between two people). All participants will sit in the space, and the session will be led by Christopher Buckle, but contributed to by everyone in the room. Two people will explore the text at a time, and the others will help to explore and navigate the text and principles along with them. We will then switch and all actors will have their chance to work on the text if they are comfortable to do so.

The focus of this group is to be inclusive and a space to take risks – due to the nature of the class, it is suitable for those who are 16+.

It is accessible to wheelchair users and we welcome everyone. Please let us know in advance if you have any specific requirements or needs and we will ensure we do all we can to cater to them.

Once you book a place on the session, you will receive an email containing the short scene we will be looking at. It will also contain the character we would like you to learn as best as you can. Please ensure you learn the short scene as it will enable everyone to get the most from the session.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are unable to pay the £5 entry fee, please do get in touch and we can ensure that the workshop is available to you. We have a focus on accessibility, and while it is important to cover our costs, it is essential to us that anyone who wants to can attend this workshop.
Please contact Chris on


The session will run from 3-6pm, lasting 3 hours. This will include a short warm up and a short comfort break.
Absolutely not. We welcome anyone who would like to explore acting, regardless of past experience.
We are open to everyone over the age of 16.
We understand how much anxiety there can be around performing, therefore, whilst we encourage everyone to give it a go, we are absolutely welcoming of those who want to come along but may not be confident enough to get into the space and explore the text themselves.
To ensure everyone has ample time to explore the text themselves, we have capped the session at 12 people.
Yes, there are gender neutral and disabled toilet facilities, as well as tea and coffee.
Yes, we strongly urge all participants to learn the short scene by heart – therefore, you will get the most from the session.
Please get in touch if you have difficulty reading – we have a range of options available that we can provide including audio readings of the scene and various font sizes.
When you book a place on the session, you will receive an email containing the scene we are going to explore a week before the chosen workshop date.
In the email containing the scene we will be exploring, you will also find which character we would like you to learn. This is split randomly 50/50 across the class.
We would like the sessions to be as real and honest as possible, therefore, we ask if you can please learn the scene straight and do not add any stylistic or aesthetic choices, but instead allow the space and your scene partner to shape the scene organically.

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